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SLPP Alie Kabba Mentioned in Alleged Case of Fraudulent Conversion Accused person Remanded in Custody
By John Koroma
Jun 27, 2017, 17:06

Magistrate Albert Moody of the Freetown Magistrate Court No.2 at Siaka Steven Street Law Court Building in Freetown Friday June 23rd 2017 has remanded in custody one Gibril Jalloh who is alleged to have converted to his own use and benefit one Toyota Land Cruiser V8, 2003 model that was given to him by the complainant Alhaji Ishmael Kallon for the purposes of sales.

The complainant, Alhaji Ishmael Kallon testified in court that he is a business man and he recalled sometimes in November 2015 he was at his business place in Brookfields in the Western Area of Freetown and the accused person approached him that Alie Kabba had expressed interest to buy the Toyota Land Cruiser.


He added that the following day, the accused person negotiate with him that he will pay the sum of fifteen thousand five hundred ($15,500)United States Dollars for the vehicle which he agreed and he handed the vehicle to him. He went on to say that upon the request of the accused person he went to the office of Alie Kabba at small Waterloo Street in Freetown.


He furthered that when he reached at the office of Alie Kabba, he came to realize that they had already used the vehicle for a week and the staff of Alie Kabba assured him that Alie Kabba is ready to pay for the vehicle.

The complainant Alhaji Ishmael Kallon went on to say that after few days, he went again to the office of Alie Kabba and they told him that they have handed the vehicle back to the accused person. He added that after two weeks, the accused person called him to say that Alie Kabba’s office no longer interested in buying the car but to rent the car and he said in court that he instructed the accused person not to rent the car. The complainant went further to say that since then he did not see the accused person again not until when he reported the matter at the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters in Freetown and he was later arrested this year by police.


The matter was adjourned to Wednesday June 28 2017 for continuation and the bail of the accused person was restricted by Magistrate Albert Moody and he was remanded in custody at the Pademba Road Male Correctional Center in Freetown.  

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