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Sierra Leone News : Office of Ombudsman Promotes 14 Staff Members
By Abdul Malik Bangura
Aug 1, 2017, 17:04

Sierra Leone Office of Ombudsman has yesterday Monday 31st July, 2017, promoted fourteen (14) staff members on basis of their dedicated service and their length of service to the office.


Confirming this news yesterday to Awareness Times Newspaper, Mr. Melron Nicol-Wilson, Sierra Leone young and dynamic Ombudsman said “the promotion of the members of staff in my office will come into effect from the 1st of September, 2017.” He added that the reason for his decision to promote his staff members is that “some of these staff members have served diligently for over seventeen (17) years without any promotion.”


Therefore, the Ombudsman said, his decision to promote the members of staff is to enhance effectiveness of work and to ensure that staff members have the moral boost they required to do their work.   He also said that the promotion is a way of complimenting hardworking members of staff so as to let them know that indeed their dedicated service is realised and recognised by the Office of Ombudsman.


Ombudsman of Republic of Sierra Leone, Lawyer Melron Nicol-Wilson 


Also speaking on the criteria of the promotion, Mr. Wilson said it was the staff performance appraisals as well as the new office restructuring exercise that set the basis for the promotion of the 14 staff members. He stressed that those staff were indeed promoted on the basis of their dedicated service and their length of service to the Office of Ombudsman.


Meanwhile, as a way of summary, the Ombudsman highlighted that the promotions include: Confidential Secretary promoted to Senior Confidential Secretary; Cleaner promoted to Office Assistant; Messenger promoted to Senior Dispatch Assistant; Security promoted to Office Assistant and many more. This promotions cut across all the four regional offices of the Ombudsman. These offices include those in Freetown, Bo, Makeni and Kenema.


The Ombudsman assured that “individual promotion letters specifying new salary structures and term of reference will be sent in due course.”

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