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Last Updated: Sep 7th, 2015 - 13:02:37 
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NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : APC Agenda can’t be achieved without the Eastern Province
It is now glaring to all that the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) led Government of President Koroma is determined to develop every single part of Sierra Leone. According to the Minister for Eastern Province, Hon. Maya Moiwo Kaikai, the President’s Agenda for Prosperity can’t be achieved if it is not felt all over including his native Eastern Province. Hon Kaikai spoke during a visit to Kenema City by hierarchy of the Roads Authority. See below for more.
May 15, 2015, 17:14

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : As Human Rights & SLPP Court Cases Start, Sylvia Blyden Urges Journalists to cover Kenema
Sierra Leone politician Dr. Sylvia Blyden who is also noted as a youths rights, gender rights and human rights activist as well as newspaper publisher, has, on 5th May 2015 written on Facebook, a call on journalists and concerned citizens to focus attention strongly on eastern city of Kenema; especially during ongoing court cases of Human Rights Officer for Eastern Region and his co-accused opposition SLPP party members.
May 6, 2015, 17:12

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : SLPP’s U.N.S. Jah Dies leaving Fragmented SLPP
Alhaji U.N.S. Jah, one of the most respected Elder Statesmen in Sierra Leone passed away on Monday 4th May 2015. He was the opposition SLPP Chairman who took over SLPP from Sama Banya in 2005 and handed over to John Benjamin in 2009. It was under his chairmanship in 2007 that SLPP lost the reigns of governance to the current ruling APC.
May 5, 2015, 17:18

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : As they commend President Koroma’s astuteness, APC Urges Action on Findings inside Ebola Audit Report
In a Communique read out to the public by their Secretary General at the end of the Emergency National Delegates Conference of the All Peoples Congress (APC) party that was held on 30th April 2015, the APC has “acknowledge that the Chairman and Leader, His Excellency the President severally stated that the utilization of funds and other resources for the fight against Ebola would be subjected to strict accountability and transparency processes”.
May 1, 2015, 17:20

NEWS : Politics
SLPP Navo Kaikai Writes Allie Bangura To Remove Her Name From His Injunction Against SLPP
It surprised me to learn that my name is listed as one of the people that have filed to the Courts on Friday 17th April 2015 an injunction against the Sierra Leone People’s Party Executive Members from undertaking key Party activities. As you know, I was initially a signatory to the petition immediately following the August 2013 Bo Convention which still drags in Court.
Apr 30, 2015, 17:10

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : President Urges for APC Unity so he can Focus on Post-Ebola Recovery
President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma in his capacity as Chairman and Leader of the All People’s Congress party Tuesday night swatted aside social media reports on the ongoing constitutional matter involving the former Vice President, and urged members of the party’s USA branch to close ranks and focus on Sierra Leone’s post-Ebola recovery efforts.
Apr 16, 2015, 17:10

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : SLPP’s Opposition ‘Nor Get Head & Ee Nor Get Tail’
Dr. Sylvia Blyden, a political ally of the President, has described tactics of the country’s opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) as chaotic and with no clear progressive direction. Writing on social media in local Krio parlance, she said “Me, ar kin look tire with una sef. Una Opposition nor get HEAD en ee nor get TAIL”.
Apr 15, 2015, 17:12

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone President Ernest Koroma gets Red Carpet Welcome & says he Stands by his Decision
Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma has affirmed that he stands by his decision to relieve Mr. Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana, erstwhile vice president, of duties Sumana had purported to be doing after his VP office fell vacant.
Apr 14, 2015, 17:14

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : “Baboo Yai Oh” for SLPP as President Gets U.S. Welcome
However, in sharp contrast of their expectations, according to a close political ally of the President, Dr. Sylvia Blyden, “the kind of warm welcome that the President received on this trip from the airport to his hotel is unlike any I have ever seen and I have travelled with the President many times in the past”. - “I can only say the SLPP and Sam-Sumana have lost face in their efforts. And for that, as we say in our local parlance, this is a matter of ‘BABOO YAI OH’ for them as they cannot touch the credentials of President Ernest Bai Koroma!” said Dr. Blyden on the phone line from Washington DC last evening.
Apr 14, 2015, 17:13

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : APC Finland Chapter commends President Koroma for appointment of Victor Foh
“Well done on a deserved appointment!” he said. “We see your appointment as a clear demonstration of President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma’s recognition of your hard work, loyalty, dedication to party and commitment to the national service you have rendered to our nation.
Apr 14, 2015, 17:06

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : APC Germany gets new Chapter; raises funds to fight Ebola
Members of the Sierra Leone’s All People’s Congress party (APC) Germany Branch at the weekend showcased a vibrant picture of the party’s strength at a colourful ceremony marking the inauguration of the branch´s newest baby “The APC Rhein-Ruhr Metropolitan Chapter.”
Apr 8, 2015, 17:02

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics :Youth Empowerment Credentials are Intact as 27 Years Old Turns Deputy Editor of APC Paper
The All Peoples Congress (APC) under leadership of President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma continues to score in empowering young people. This time the party has appointed 27 years old Gunther Adikali Bai Daramy as Deputy Editor of the party’s official mouthpiece, We Yone. Daramy is expected to bring youthfulness into the editorial perspective of We Yone.
Apr 7, 2015, 12:10

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : After Ebola, Prosperity Agenda will go on: APC Gov’t to Give out Free Exercise Books & Pay all School Fees
In a Speech to mark the successful end of a 3-days Lockdown that has evaluated extent of Ebola crisis, the Head of State has informed the world that his APC-led Government will pay all school fees in public schools and examination fees for every single NPSE, BECE and WASSCE student for the next two years.
Apr 2, 2015, 17:08

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : SLPP & 37% Dilemma
When people complained about excess votes, some in SLPP retorted that nobody stopped other areas from bringing ‘everybody’ out to vote. In other words, in SLPP areas, every “body” voted.
Mar 26, 2015, 17:02

NEWS : Politics
As he Proves President Correctly Interpreted Section 41, Charles F. Margai Confirms Abdulai Conteh is Wrong!
There has been shocking revelation to radio listeners when Charles Francis Margai unwittingly confirmed that interpretation of Section 41 of the Constitution by President Koroma is 100% accurate meaning it is Dr. Abdulai Conteh who is wrong. Mr. Margai made this revelation inadvertently during an interview with FM98.1 Radio yesterday March 24th 2015.
Mar 25, 2015, 17:10

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : APC Germany Branch Chairman Commends New Vice President
Chairman of the APC Germany Branch and European Alliance, Mr. Mohamed Bangura has commended President Koroma for the appointment of Ambassador Victor Bockarie Foh as Vice President of Sierra Leone. The swearing-in ceremony attracted ministers, parliamentarians, government officials and diplomats last week at State House in the capital Freetown.
Mar 24, 2015, 17:04

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : SLPP is Trying to Solve its Serious 37% Dilemma
Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, an honorary executive member of ruling All Peoples Congress party and a close political ally of President Koroma, has slammed at Opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) for "orchestrating much drama around baseless allegations that the President has acted in an unconstitutional manner by filling the V.P. vacancy caused when former VP Sam Sumana lost his APC membership".
Mar 23, 2015, 12:16

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : Maintaining Party Discipline From Within APC
The undemocratic and forceful removal of the All People’s Congress from governance by some childish military boys in the 1990s made it difficult for the party to regain her past glory for years but for the leadership of President Ernest Bai Koroma who succeeded in repositioning the party and giving it a new face with a different image.
Mar 17, 2015, 17:08

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : President Takes Prudent and Timely Action in Rotating his VP’s Securities
The decision by Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma to order the immediate rotation and re-deployment of police and military officers that the State had assigned to secure Vice-President Chief Alhaji Sam-Sumana, has been hailed by political and security observers as “very prudent and timely”. Many say it is the most prudent and foresighted decisions of his entire presidency.
Mar 16, 2015, 12:10

NEWS : Politics
Sierra Leone Politics : Pledging continued respect for APC Hierarchy: APC Women will Each today Pay Le500,000 Fines
All five women of the All Peoples Congress (APC) who were recently disciplined by the party’s second highest decision-making body, have accepted to pay the fines levied on them. They also pledge continued loyalty to APC, to His Excellency the President and to entire APC leadership especially in Western Area. According to all five of them who spoke to journalists last evening, they were firm in their love for the party and their respect for the hierarchy of the party.
Mar 11, 2015, 17:10

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