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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2011 - 17:46:22 
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Hon. Elizabeth Alpha-Lavalie (ACIB, CORSL) “SLPP Flagbearer Aspirant”
By Hon. Elizabeth Lavalie (aka PEOPLE'S MAMA!)
Feb 22, 2011, 17:10
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My fellow party Executive Members, Elders, colleagues flag bearer aspirants, Hon. Members of Parliament (Past and Present) and all SLPP members, I am using this medium to offer myself to you all, especially the delegates who would be voting for the coming flag bearer presidential candidate for our great beloved party, the SLPP to represent you at the national presidential elections 2012.


With your support, we will be able to take our party to the highest level, with your support, I will continue to work within a system you prefer best, with your support we have to know when to stick to principles and fight back for good governance, and know how to make those principled compromises.


The human and natural resources of our country if given a proper vision of leadership and better management will surely make Sierra Leone great and more competitive as compared to other richer nations.


I am seeking your consent; support and cooperation to give me the chance to lead the way to our success come 2012.


I had earlier on presented my CV and Resume of activities but I will however, tongue on it again briefly:

Hon. Elizabeth Alpha-Lavalie


Born in Sierra Leone to Joseph Emman Henry Tucker a Sherbro by tribe from Bonthe District - Southern Region. He was a Medical Practitioner and later became a politician who rose to the rank of Deputy Speaker of Parliament under the SLPP government by then. While my mother Mrs. Vivat Edith Letitia Tucker (Nee Cole), a Creole by tribe, from the Western Region and midwife Nursing by profession who became a master farmer after she married my father and they relocated to Niagorehun, Bagbo Chiefdom in the Bo District.


I attended the Regent Square Municipal School and the Annie Walsh Memorial School - Freetown. I later proceeded to UK to further my education as a professional Banker and later turned to become a politician.


I have in the past acquitted myself well in my profession as well as Deputy Speaker of Parliament, member of the ECOWAS Parliament, Eminent Person of ECOWAS Council of the Wise, President Women in Action, Coordinator Women’s Movement for Peace Eastern Region, Founding Member Mano River Union Women’s Peace Network, former Internal Auditor and Deputy Secretary General of the SLPP. At present, I am the Chairperson Human Rights Committee in the Sierra Leone House of Parliament.


I am recognized both nationally and internationally as having worked very hard to address and advocate on issues of peace and security, good governance and democratic values which in the past Sierra Leone had yearned for so long.


I am the most experienced candidate and would still represent change, as a woman and an ideological opposite of the Present Leadership of the ruling party and with the understanding of the political climate and technical skills for the Presidency. By 2012, I would have been a sitting MP for 16 years having built the capacity to transform and maintain the good image, and political superiority of SLPP and advancement of our beloved country Sierra Leone.


After our hard work in ensuring peace and total stability, and having put mechanism and structures in place for Socio-Economic Development/Empowerment, it was rather unfortunate that we could not continue the developmental programmes and policies especially those dealing with economic empowerment of Sierra Leoneans in all spheres.


Well, with me, you don’t have to choose another. I have spent my entire life fighting for Economic Empowerment and challenge to continue with our policies and programmes which will improve the living standard of our people.


Where is the Change? Where is the good governance and economic growth? Are we going to sit back and allow all the lapses to continue? Are we going to look on while our vibrant youths, women and children are being misused and their rights abused? Are we going to keep silent while our men folk are humiliated, neglected and de-humanized because of hunger and poverty?


For instance what is happening to the youth commission? Is it been politicized? Why the reinstatement of DO’s? Is it not a ploy to topple the good governance precedent that we set before? Why taking governance away from the people? Why has the government of Sierra Leone not ratified the AU Protocol on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Women? Are women not an integral part of development in Africa?


The person to effectively address these issues is “ME”, Elizabeth Alpha-Lavalie (PEOPLES MAMA). I therefore solicit your support to vote me as Flag-bearer and Presidential Candidate for the SLPP on the 5th of March, 2011 to ensure victory for the party come the next general Presidential and Parliamentary election in 2012.


I will not present a manifesto here today. I intend to embark on a participatory and inclusive system of governance; therefore the party’s manifesto will come at a later time in its proper form with collective effort from all members/supporters of SLPP.


For now, I will present my dream: A Vision for a New and Better SALONE, “An Agenda for Empowerment”{Socio Economic, Moral and Spiritual}. We have to have a new Sierra Leone devoid of ethnic, tribal, regional, religious segregation and with a strong faith in God Almighty who created and endowed Sierra Leone with abundant natural resources which could be turned into wealth for all Sierra Leoneans if given a proper vision of leadership and better management.


To empower Sierra Leoneans, we must share and focus on the following:


 “Restore Sierra Leone’s standard image at regional and international level,”


“Rebuild   the   average   Sierra   Leonean’s   living   standards   with   the economy to support it,”


“Reform our government” and


“Reclaim the future for our children, youth and women, and nation’s wealth.


To begin with, food, clothing, shelter, health, education must reach our people as the basic necessities of life”.


You may ask how?


My government will enact laws, embark on policies and programmes for full participation in harnessing our natural resources (Mineral and Marine, Forestry and Human Resources)




Education - (quality and affordable) 2       

Health, (national Insurance/Social Health Scheme) 4,5,6     

Agriculture, (Food-Self Sufficiency) 1      

Private Sector Development Programs and Youth Employment,

Engendering Democracy and Development,

Changing the Political Economy of our Country’s Natural Resources,

Reforming Sierra Leone’s Public Sector: Retrospect and Prospect,

Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability 7  

Changing Rural - Urban Linkages,

Transport and Transportation system in Sierra Leone,

Water and Water Resources,

 Decentralization and

Human Rights/Justice system in Sierra Leone. 3




1. Of the Politicians :-


To deliver on policies and programmes


2. Of the People:-


Express freely solid opinion, inclusive and participatory governance


I am very passionate about decentralization: That is giving “POWER to the PEOPLE”


My vision for decentralization is:-


Strengthen local councils


Enhance democratization,


Overall governance will be decentralized


Departments of government, police services, utilities and facilities will be progressively decentralized and available for direct management from the local authorities.


As the “PEOPLE’S MAMA”, I pledge to serve you all and make you proud to be a Sierra Leonean both at home and abroad.



© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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