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Last Updated: Feb 24th, 2011 - 17:03:32 
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From A Ripple Into A Wave: ‘Alpha Wave’ Rocks Salone
By Paid Supplement by Friends of Alpha Wurie
Feb 24, 2011, 17:24
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Campaigning for the flagbearership of the SLPP by Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie got underway in August 2010 as a ripple right in the hub of media activities. While other aspirants had never been at ease to face media practitioners, Dr. Alpha Wurie was bold enough to launch his campaign at the headquarters of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists at Campbell Street, Freetown, where he confidently and eloquently responded to the barrage of questions posed to him by the galaxy of pressmen in attendance.

Not surprisingly therefore, the print and electronic media were dominated by news of the arrival of a formidable candidate, though somehow late.

The ‘political ripple’ started on that day. Discussions in several homes, fraternities, entertainment spots, football galas etc centered on the candidature of Dr. Wurie – his pedigree in the SLPP, his contribution to the development of the party, his oratory skills, his propensity to maintain peace amongst stakeholders and his tangible results during his service as Education Minister for eleven years.

Dr. Alpha Wurie

Dr. Alpha Wurie tightened his grip on the thought process of the general populace in a whirlwind tour of the provincial districts. What was characteristic of this tour was that his audience constantly remained glued to their seats to capture every word he uttered, considering them as educative.

In Bo and Kenema, people often rose up and enthusiastically gave him a standing ovation ostensibly in appreciation of his brilliant delivery. Journalists jostled to conduct interviews while the audience competed to earn his warm embrace.

Friends and family with Dr Alpha Wurie in London

Perhaps the defining moment was in Pujehun district where Dr. Wurie was literarily mobbed by admirers including teachers, students and the clergy.


Bonthe, Kambia, Koinadugu, Bombali, Kono, Moyamba and Kailahun districts particularly expressed immense gratitude to him for initiating and successfully implementing the Sababu Education Project of which their children were great beneficiaries.


Richard Ashcroft, Member of European Parliament, Dr Alpha Wurie and Conservative Members

Port Loko, though, clearly manifested that they were hosting one of their own, an illustrious son of the soil, a man who did his utmost to rekindle their educational hopes.


In the summer, Dr. Wurie took an academic/politic tour of the USA by entreating SLPP supporters and other Sierra Leoneans in Maryland and New Jersey to an educative and pulsating power point expose’ of the SLPP political landscape.

From L-R; Chris Buckwell, Richard Ashcroft, MEP, Dr Alpha Wurie and the Chairman of Rochester and Strood Constituency.


By December 2010, his candidature was no storm in a tea cup. Other candidates that had been campaigning for the coveted position over the years started to sit up and listen. Indeed, if you are looking for intelligence, a household name, tangible results and marketability, Dr. Alpha Wurie is the name – tribal sentiments put aside.

The year 2011 was greeted with a change of strategy. His sojourn with some members of the UK Conservative Party started to consolidate his international connection. His meeting with SLPP stalwarts in London was the icing on the cake.

Dr. Wurie relaxing with his right hand men, David Walker and Martin Sama Banya after a campaign session


Then the wave hit a crescendo. His interview with David Tam Mbayo’s ‘Monologue’ programme took him beyond talking to delegates to a national platform that indicated we are dealing with a statesman of no mean repute.

The national posture was then taken to Fourah Bay College, the citadel of learning in Sierra Leone. Although one delegate will vote from this institution, yet these privileged students are from all chiefdoms of Sierra Leone. Hence Dr. Wurie gambled his reputation by facing the largest critical minds in Sierra Leone and subsequently converted them into his biggest campaign team.


Listening attentively in Bo City

All of a sudden, the political ripple has gained huge momentum such that it has transformed into a wave called the ‘Alpha Wave’.


Meetings with SLPP parliamentarians and final touches with delegate teams in all districts are the vestiges to turn the Alpha Wave into a Tsunami that may sweep all other delegates come March 5……Bubuakei Jabbie willing.


Dr. Wurie chatting with SLPP heavy weights, Ambassador Alie Bangura and Ambassador Joe Blell


MP, Rochester and Strood, Mark Reckless poses with Dr Alpha Wurie


Amphitheatre at FBC held spellbound by Dr. Alpha Wurie

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