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Last Updated: May 26th, 2011 - 18:39:24 
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How Kanja Sesay Allegedly Fooled Philip Neville for Umaru Fofana
May 26, 2011, 17:20
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...In a bid to give the much talked about Mohamed Jabbie, an opportunity for his own side of the ongoing saga to be aired, Augustine Samba and Sylvia Blyden of Awareness Times last weekend sat down with him for a briefing on the whole background to the problems between him and his former close ally Alhaji Kanja Sesay. In this his personal recount of the circumstances surrounding the first time Journalist Abu-Bakarr Joe Sesay stayed at the ‘NaCSA Guesthouse’ located at G.R. 59 in Bo City, we bring to you, in the words of Mohamed Jabbie himself, how he alleges Kanja Sesay once deceived Philip Neville for Umaru Fofana. Read on and make your judgment...


By Mohamed Jabbie (former SLPP P.R.O. for Bo)

Let me first make it very clear that contrary to the rubbish Kanja Sesay is saying about me in newspapers, I did not go to stay at the Government Reservation Quarters No. GR 59 in Bo City because I was homeless. I was certainly not homeless or in need of shelter when I went to live in the house. I had my own place in Bo City but out of the friendship and liking which I had for Kanja Sesay, I was forced to leave the safety of my own home to go and stay there in the middle of the night of September 17th 2007 which was the day it was announced that the SLPP had lost the 2007 Elections.

Alhaji Kanja Sesay had frantically phoned me from Freetown very worried whilst requesting me to find SLPP youths to secure the premises for him until he could find a trustworthy person to do so because Alhaji Nnamadi Musa had told him the then occupant (name withheld) had fled from the house when the APC and PMDC youths went rampaging through Bo City. I was forced to leave my house in the middle of that night to locate agile SLPP Youths with whom I travelled to Tokpoi Town to collect the keys that night from the previous occupant; this previous occupant who used to work at NaCSA, had fled from the house to Tokpoi Town for safety.

We took the keys from that person on that September 17th 2007 night and together with the SLPP Youths, I secured the house well until things calmed down. Everyday, Kanja Sesay will assure me that he would make proper arrangements but he never did until the days turned to weeks and weeks to months. I liked him as a friend and brother and never complained.


Up till this day, Kanja Sesay has not paid me a single penny for all the time I spent securing the property and I am going to sue him in Court for adequate compensation any day from now as well as for Libel.


The thanks I got from Kanja Sesay for protecting the premises for him, as a friend, was for him to take me to Bo Police Station on Easter Monday (April 25) to lie upon me to the Police that I stole his plastic chairs and pregnant goat. This was after he had taken me to Magistrate Court on April 18th to molest me as if I was a homeless squatter in that house. No thank-you from Kanja Sesay. Just molestation! Not a single pin got missing from the house all this time. The story of missing plastic chairs and missing goat for which he dragged me to the Police Station on Easter Monday as a common thief is just made up by Kanja Sesay so as to tarnish my character because of political difference.


This is the man with whom I once travelled during the 2007 Campaigns with over two hundred million leones which he went to sleep leaving me to safeguard and not a cent went missing; who is now calling me a thief of plastic chairs and goat.

 Kanja Sesay: Jabbie stole his Goat & Chairs?

Mohamed Jabbie: Kanja stole from NaCSA?

Since the day he was born, Kanja Sesay has never paid me a salary nor was he ever responsible for my feeding or clothing or shelter. As for shelter, he knows I had my own place and only went to his place on Elections Announcement Night when he begged me over the phone to help secure the place. All I get for my loyalty to this common ingrait called Kanja Sesay is for him to libel me to the police as if I am a common thief and hire small boys to curse me in their newspapers but I will sue him for libel if he does not publicly deny those abuses.


Kanja Sesay should also know the seven days Ultimatum expires on Tuesday May 31st 2011. If he thinks I am joking, let him wait until that time comes and he does not clearly state I was never his employee or ‘batman’. Let him delay to state that I was not his ‘batman’ nor his errand boy but just a loyal, committed friend who had stood by him all these years through thick and thin then he will see what an errand boy can do.

Kanja Sesay has until May 31st before I will start to state the names and locations of all the people he feeds, clothes, shelters and pours money upon including other people’s wives. If he thinks I am joking, let him wait until May 31st 2011 without denying that I was his servant or employee. Let him continue to mock me rather than say the truth which is that he never paid me but I was just a loyal and committed friend to him. That is the time he would see all his secrets fly around the whole world. If he thinks I will only use Awareness Times, he is fooling himself. His news will sell in newspapers around the world.


Now, to Abu-Bakarr Joe Sesay’s assertion that he has stayed several times at the premises in question. Indeed, I clearly recall the day Abu-Bakarr Joe Sesay first went to stay there. It was one of those occasions when I experienced one of the worse aspect of Kanja Sesay which is to fool people whilst pretending to like them.

Kanja Sesay called me from Freetown sometime in late 2008 to tell me to assist him to lie to Philip Neville, the Executive Editor of Standard Times newspaper who was by then aspiring for the position of President of Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ). Previous to this day, Kanja Sesay had described Philip Neville to me as one of his “best friends” who had worked hard to ensure the new APC Government did not harm him after he was sacked from NaCSA. On one occasion, he even instructed me to open up the Master Bedroom for Philip Neville to stay rather than the ordinary bedrooms where other guests used to stay. He said this was because Philip Neville was very special to him. He was eager on that day to ask me if the Air Conditioner in his Master Bedroom was working for Philip Neville to sleep well.

At this point, let me state something. I see Abu-Bakarr Joe Sesay is making stupid allegations that I am planning to join APC. Who is more likely to join APC? Me or Kanja Sesay?

It is a fact that apart from Philip Neville, from September 17th 2007 when I went to safeguard the premises to now that I have quit this month, the only others whom I recall Kanja Sesay to make such haste to make comfortable inside his Master Bedroom, was APC Minister Alpha Kanu at the time he was Presidential Affairs Minister and Kanu travelled to Bo with President Koroma and chose to stay at the house along with APC Deputy Minister Mabinty Daramy. Apart from these APC Ministers, only Philip Neville would get such royal treatment at the residence. Philip Neville was always nice, polite and respectful with me. I like Philip Neville which is why I have already confessed to him what I am now saying. If he does not believe me, that is fine but it is the truth.

On this particular day, Alhaji Kanja Sesay phoned me from Freetown and told me had a problem on his hands which only I could help him solve as a friend. Kanja Sesay wanted me to lie to Philip Neville for him. According to him, he said Philip Neville had requested the use of the house as usual but that, by coincidence, Umaru Fofana, another aspirant for the position of SLAJ President, had also requested for the use of the entire house as a ‘Camp’ for his supporters who would be coming in to Bo from all over the country to strategise on how to remove Philip Neville from the position. Kanja Sesay told me that Philip Neville believed Kanja Sesay was supporting him 100% but in reality Kanja wanted Umaru Fofana to win because he said Umaru was closer to him like a family member and he also said Umaru Fofana shared the same political sentiments like him unlike Philip Neville and so he preferred Umaru Fofana to Philip Neville as Head of SLAJ even though Philip was one of his “best friends”. Kanja Sesay told me he had already asked Philip to phone me to prepare the house for Neville but he said I was to save him by lying to Philip on the phone that the house was full with guests from Conakry Guinea.

So, when Philip Neville phoned me up, as a loyal friend to Kanja Sesay, I pretended not to have spoken to Kanja Sesay and proceeded to give him a white lie that the house was going to be occupied by strangers. This was to ensure only Umaru Fofana could use the house for his journalists.


On the night in question, after I had misled Neville as requested by Kanja Sesay, I got a phone call from someone who identified himself as Abu-Bakar Joe Sesay, a journalist who was leading the Umaru Fofana team from Freetown. He said they were at Taiama junction and when they got to Bo, they would want directions to the house. I told him I would be waiting by the Clock Tower to take them all to the house. This is exactly what I did and that was the first time Abu-Bakarr Joe Sesay stayed at the house. These Umaru Fofana journalists spent a total of 3 days in the house. During that entire time, Umaru Fofana himself did not sleep at the house but he was there all the whole time at his ‘Journalists Camp’ and would go and sleep elsewhere in the night. It was in Kanja Sesay’s house during these 3 days that they strategized all their secret plans to remove Philip Neville from the position. Up till this moment, the food basins in which it was arranged for feeding to be taken to the house for Umaru Fofana and his Team, are still in the house.


This is how Abu-Bakarr Joe Sesay first stayed at Kanja Sesay’s house. The second time was when he came in with Alpha Wurie’s driver and wanted to spend the night. I was adamant to refuse him because at that time, I supported Maada Bio and not Alpha Wurie. To convince me, Abu-Bakkar Jose Sesay also assured me that he was a die-hard supporter of Maada Bio, like myself at that time. This is how he slept in the house for the second time. #END

Kanja Sesay, whilst refusing to be placed on record for a formal interview, has confirmed to Awareness Times that indeed Philip Neville was his good friend whom he had allowed to stay in the house in question, ‘many, many times’. He also confirmed hosting Umaru Fofana’s Team in the house but said he could not recall if it was during the SLAJ Elections of 2008. He asked us not to believe anything negative that Jabbie says as according to Kanja Sesay, ‘Jabbie is a wicked, serial liar’. Meanwhile, SLPP Bo’s current P.R.O., Daemba Kanji Daramy has confirmed that APC Ministers Alpha Kanu and Mabinty Daramy used to stay at the house in question as Special Guests of Kanja Sesay but with no sinister motivation on the part of Kanja Sesay who is an in-law to Mabinty Daramy. Daemba Kanji Daramy also asks for people not to believe Jabbie as he said “Jabbie belongs to the Satanic Kingdom and not the Human Kingdom”. However, Mohamed Jabbie insists that everything he has written down above is the truth and that indeed Kanja Sesay during the 2008 SLAJ President Campaigns, had fooled Philip Neville because of Umaru Fofana. He insists that his ongoing seven days ultimatum will expire next Tuesday and promises that even if Awareness Times decides not to publish the names of recipients of Kanja Sesay’s largesse, he will find other means like through the Internet, of disseminating the names of such recipients; both male and female.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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