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NEWS : Politics  

As female contender throws her hat into the ring against male aspirants Marie Yansaneh Aspires for next APC Presidency
By Abdul Malik Bangura
Jul 27, 2017, 17:10
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Prominent women and children’s rights activist, Honourable Reverend Marie Yansaneh has declared for the flagbearership of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) Party.


Hon. Yansaneh is amongst the handful of women who worked to bring the APC back into prominence after the party was overthrown. She was the first woman to be the APC's National Organising Secretary. She is also a two term parliamentarian who served from 2002 to 2007 and from 2007 to 2012. The erudite APC lady spoke to this writer yesterday Wednesday 26th July, 2017. She said she decided to join the race for the APC flagbearership so as to be the APC Presidential candidate for the upcoming March 8th, 2018, Presidential election because according to her, she believes that women should not only be seen as coordinators of political rallies for male candidates, but as also people who could challenge for the highest office of the State.



Hon. Yansaneh, who once served as a civil servant in the Ministry of Social Welfare, is also the Founding Director of Christian Faith Rescue Orphanage which takes care of orphans. The gender activist is a founding member of the 50-50 Group; The Founding President of the Sierra Leone Parliamentary Women’s Caucus; and former Member of Parliament of Constituency 38 in Tambaka and Sella Limba chiefdoms in Bombali District, Northern Province of Sierra Leone.


Speaking with confidence despite her age, (She is 75 years old), she told Awareness Times that she is amongst the founding youths of the APC party, who has been in the party since its creation without ever defecting to other parties.



Rev. Yansaneh said that the 2015 Population and Housing Census results puts women numerically ahead of men, but that however, women in Sierra Leone are still grossly underrepresented in decision making bodies of the State. She opined of how women have always been sidelined in the awarding of political symbols and that in most cases, the political aspirations of women are always subjected to the mercies of men. 


Therefore, the learned former MP said that it is very vital for women in the country to show commitments in empowering their fellow women. She promised to use her knowledge as MP, through which she was able to directly associate with the women and children of rural Sierra Leone, to fully deliver on their needs. She urged for more women empowerment as she said, her intending government would bank on delivering on goodies for women across Sierra Leone. She also used the chance to plead with women to advocate for their position in leadership with a single voice in the coming March 8th, 2018, Presidential and multitier elections.




His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma

President of the Republic of Sierra Leone

Through: The Secretary to the President

State House

Tower Hill Freetown


Your Excellency Sir,




Attached is my Curriculum Vitae for your information and attention Sir.

I thank you in anticipation of your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely,


Hon. (Rev.) Marie Yansaneh

1.0    Educational Background

2.0    Work Experience

3.0    Political Experience

4.0    International Experience

5.0    Grassroots Experience

6.0    Workshops And Seminars





NAME:                              Marie Yansaneh (Hon. Rev)

DATE OF BIRTH:                5th March, 1942

RELIGION:                         Christianity

CITIZENSHIP:                   Sierra Leonean

MARITAL STATUS:             Widower (4 children)



·       Prayer, fasting, bible reading, guidance counseling

·       Traveling, advocating for a culture of peace and  reconciliation

·       Promoting the gospel to people, especially the orphans Education and Economic Empowerment for women and children







2010 - Outstanding recognition for COOPIC Cooperazione Internazionale for   strengthening linking women led effort to promote women’s property ownership and literacy rights

2002-2012 – Honorable member of Parliament for Bombali, North Constituency 036

2003 – Outstanding recognition from the Global Women & Star of Sierra Leone

2000 – Attestation La Delegatioon du Haut Commiasariat des Nations Unies pour led Refugee (HCR) on Republiquede Guinea atteste par Madame Rev. Marie Yansaneh, nee Le 05 mars 1942 a Freetown, Sierra Leone, est une refuigee Sierra Leonise, relevant do mandate HCR Et en asile a Conakry. Ellie est accompagnee des quarante Orpheline, United Nations High Commission for Refugee in Conakry at the Republic of Guinea


1999-2000- RECEPISSE- Le Ministre DL’ Administration Du Terroire Et De La Decentraliziation. DENOMINATION-L ‘ORPHALINAT, Christian Faith Rescue Orphanage, PERSONNE DE CONTACT- REV. MARIE YANSANEH, Director- Christian Faith Rescue Orphanage

Service Concerne- Direction Nationale Des Libertes Publiques Et Des Affairs Juridues



Coordinator- Facilitate the election of coordinator administration in the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in the Africa Region Branch, elected in South Africa, Cape Town


1st President – Sierra Leone Female Parliamentary caucus (2007-2012)

Member       - Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians- Africa Region

Chairperson – Parliamentary Committee on HIV/AIDS

Chairperson – Parliamentary Committee on Social Welfare

Coordinator - Commonwealth parliamentary Association in the Africa Region, elected in Abjua,Nigeria

Chairperson – 30% quota for women

Member – Taskforce for the Convention on the Elimination and Discrimination against Women


Member – Network of women Minister and Parliamentarians (NEWMAP)

Member – Commonwealth women Parliamentarians- Africa Region

Executive Member – Sierra Leone Women’s Bureau

Member – women Forum

Member – 50/50 Group

Executive Member – Network for Great Commission

Public Relations Officer – Campaign for Good Goverence whiles in Conakry Guinea as a refugee

President – Sella Tamba Women Development Association Sella Limba Tambaka Chiefdom

President – Women Fellowship Life of Light Ministry New England Ville

National Organizing Secretary – All Peoples Congress (APC) Part

APC Women’s Leader- Freetown Central 1&2 Constituencies

Women’s Leader – National Cultural Tenancies (Freetown

1991 – Pension as Grade 1- Senior Press Officer

1984-1990 – Ministry of Information and Communication – Grade 1

19183-1984 – Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children Affairs- Grade 2

1979-1983 – Government Printing Department, Proff Reading, Litho Photographer and proof Reader – Grade 2

1979 – Public Service Commission – Grade 2

1986 Contestant- Freetown City Council election



2003- Instant – Executive Director/ Founder, Christian Faith Rescue Orphanage and School in Freetown and Kamakwie



2002-2007 – Honouable Member of Parliament for Bmbali North, Sella Limba and Tambaka Susu Constituencies

2007- 2012 – Hourable Member of Parliament for Constituency 036, Bombali North

2007-2012 – 1st President, Sierra Leone Female Parliamentary Cacus

2007-2012 – Member Commonwealth women Parliamentarians- Africa Region

2010 – Outstanding recognition from COOPIC Cooperation International for strengthening linking women led effort to promote women’s property ownership and literacy rights

2007-2012 – Chairperson – Parliamentary Committee on HIV/AIDS

2007-2012- Coordinator- Commonwealth Parliamentary Women Association Africa Region

2003 – Outstanding recognition from the Global Women and Star of Sierra Leone award in the achievement of contributing in social, cultural economic development and advancement of Sierra Leonean at national and international level.

2004 – Approval of support by World Food Programme for inclusion into the institutional feeding sector of WFP protracted relied recovery operation for 2004

Executive Member- International Women day Association

1999 – Direction Nationale Des Libertes Publiques Et Des Affairs Juridioues Le Ministre De L’ Administration Du Terrori Et De LA Decentralization

1998 – Peace Ambassador

1992 – National Organizing Secretary- All Peoples Congress (APC) Party

1984- 1990 – Ministry of Information and Communication- Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service, Mass Media Presenter, current affairs, Magazine programme for women, weekly newsletter, request in local languages audio visual, photography and printing (dark room), attaché to  the news room coverage

1973- 1981 – Head Teacher in the Native Administrative School and Roman Catholic Schools in Buagibu

1964- 1973- Head Teacher in the Native Administrative School and Roman Catholic Schools in Kabala for 9 years

1967-9181- former Head Teacher in the Native Administrative School and Roman Catholic School, Assistant Head Teacher in Buagibu

1966- Teacher Practice, Native Administrative School, Blama

Proprietor and Founder of the Christian Faith Rescue Orphanage and schools in Freetown and Bombali District, Kamakwie, speak seven local languages- Lima, Susu, Temne, Yalunka, Mende, Creole, Mandigo including English fluently.

Pastor /fellowship executive member whiles in Conakry, Guinea as refugee with the children in my orphanage including establishing a school at Kinssosso.

Public Relation and Communication Officer- Campaign for Good Governance whiles in Conakry, Guinea as refugee.



Have attended and participated in many national and internation conferences, workshops, seminars and training sessions in the following and many more as follows:

v     Empowerment of women and children, democracy and human rights

v     Peace building and reconciliation, leadership training for women

v     Good Goverance, health and sanitation, education- forum and non- formal

v     Preparatory meeting for the Global Conference for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence  against Children, UN Women conference in New York (Un General Assembly)

v     The Beijing Conferences

v      Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) meetings

v      Taskforce on HIV/AIDS Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)



1.    School Teacher- fifteen years ( In Kenema, Blama, Boajibu, Makeni and Kabala)

2.    Worked at the Ministry of Social  Welfare, Freetown

3.    Work at the Government Printing Department- Proof Reading Litho Photographic and Printing

4.    Women’s Leader

5.    Announcer, Magazine Programme for women, current Affairs Request programme and   weekly newsletter in local languages

6.    National  Organizing Secretary, National Organization for Sierra Leone Women

7.    Women’s Leader, National Cultural Tarancies (Freetown)

8.    APC Women’s Leader Freetown Central 1&2 constituencies (1979-1982)

9.    Organizing Secretary, (APC) Western Area

10.  Lobbyist, International Organization Development & Encouragement Project

11.  President, women’ Fellowship, life of Light Ministry-New England Vile

12.  President, Sella Limba Women’s Development

13.  Sierra Leone Women’s Bureau (Executive)

14.  Member, Harfored Old Girls Association (HOGA) (President) Western Area Branch

15.  Public Relations Officer/ Communications Officer, Campaign for Good Goverence while in Guinea

16.  Member, women’s Forum

17.  Pastor/Fellowship Executive Member, Conakry –Guinea

18.  Member of Parliament, Bombali North Constituency (serving second term)

19.  Executive Member, Network for Great Commission

20.  Peace Ambassador

21.  Proud Winner of ‘STAR’ of International Women (both in London and America)

22.  First President Female Parliamentarians Caucus (Sierra Leone Parliament)

23.  Elected Executive member, (Representing the Sierra Leone Parliament). The commonwealth parliamentarian Africa Region in Cameroun to facilitate the election of coordinators of administrative committees of each CPA Branch) ( The Gambia Ghana, Zambia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzabnia, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland Seychelles and Kenya) to coordinate their activities

24.  Chairperson, 30% quota Technical Team



(1) Purchased two tractors to facilitate increase in rice production in Kamakwie, Sella Limba Chiefdom

(2) Constructed two schools (Primary and Secondary) to promote girl child education in Kamakwie at no fees to parents

(3)   A computer training centre to empower the girl child

(4)   Establishment of a community radio station (RADIO THADUBA)

(5)   Sella Limba Women Agricultural Development project and provision of tractors and other agricultural inputs to facilitate the agricultural activities of Association

(6)   Establishment of the Christian rescue Faith Orphanage Girls School (Primary and Secondary).Both schools have a total enrolment of six hundred (600) pupils

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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