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Sierra Leone's Uncouth Foreign Minister Zainab Bangura Gets Reaction from Civil Servants
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Sep 23, 2010, 22:17

An Op-Ed jointly authored against Sierra Leone’s extremely corrupt Foreign Minister Zainab Hawa Bangura (nee Sesay), by very, very senior civil servants and public officials of two of Sierra Leone’s key ministries has been sent to Awareness Times for publication. Officials from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, insist that it is essential for the Public Good that their Op-Ed should be published so that the public could better understand the mindset of the uncouth Foreign Minister; a cavalier, abrasive, inferiority-complex mindset which caused her to broadcast over the BBC that not only was her Ministry toilets all “stinking”[her precise uncouth language uttered over the BBC] but that her staff were mostly stupid and too slow for her fast lifestyle.

The country is still reeling in shock over her public denigration of the country’s Director of African Affairs during a recent BBC Recording which featured her screaming in a condescending manner at the poor man during the recording: “Heh you! Follow it up! I say go and follow it up!” and as if that humiliation of the man was not enough, she proceeded to have the BBC record her as she asked him a question that was obviously set up to embarrass him. She scowled out in that her typical, uncouth and brassy market-woman voice to the senior civil servant as if she was talking to her houseboy.

“You, I say when is the AU Summit?” to which the poor man managed to stammer that he did not know the precise date for next year's AU Summit. At this, she continued to humiliate and bark out at him over the BBC Broadcast: “You are Director of Africa, you don’t know? Go and find the date!” following which she turned to the BBC lady interviewing her and further denigrated Sierra Leone Government civil servants as being of poor quality human resource before turning back her attention to bark again at the civil servant in an even more rude and condescending manner. [CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE BBC WEBSITE and move to the 18minutes point of the 23minutes DOCUMENTARY. The ‘stinking toilets’ comments is much earlier in the documentary at the 4minutes point of the documentary].

It was in that very same documentary that she actually summarised herself well by saying she will continue to be seen as too aggressive and abrasive... as if that justifies her continuous attempts to hide her personal insecurities, uncouth manners and lack of self-confidence via the use of abrasive intimidation of the like she displayed towards her staff over the BBC Broadcast.

Well, it seems that just as she thinks little of senior Government civil servants so also do they reciprocate towards her in like manner. She is the brunt of jokes of many Sierra Leoneans (both in and out of the civil service) who have long ago seen through her severe insecurity issues, inferiority complex and self-confidence deficit. The Senior Civil Servants’ Op-Ed about Foreign Minister Zainab Hawa Bangura, will be published in tomorrow's edition. Don't miss it!

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