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German MPs visit Sierra Leone Parliament
By Mohamed Kanu
Oct 18, 2010, 12:26

A German Parliamentary delegation led by Honorable Joachim Spatz of the Sub-Committee on Crisis Prevention and Network Security of the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany which arrived in Freetown on the 14th October 2010, has over the weekend paid a visit to the Sierra Leone Parliament as part of their two-days official and working visit in the country. The primary purpose of the visit was to meet and exchange views and experience with members of the Sierra Leone parliament as well as principal stakeholders in government that will feature a round table discussion around the topics “Challenges to Effective Parliamentary Oversight and Representation” and “Exchange of Experiences”.

Speaking over the weekend in the house of parliament the head of the delegation Joachim Spatz of the FDP party in Germany said they desired to effect peace programmers on capacity building to build a peaceful society in Africa as a whole. He also said Germans wish to give their support in the strengthening of the Parliament of Sierra Leone technically because according to him, the parliament if duly organized will create a peaceful environment in any country.

The Head of Delegates Joachim Spatz of the FDP party in Germany responding to questions posed by Journalist at Parliament Building.

The German MP also sought to continue strengthening the international and multi lateral relationship with Sierra Leone considering the way the former government of the SLPP handed over power which he said was done peacefully. He said such conduct by the former Government of Tejan Kabbah showed that the people of Sierra Leone were a peaceful people who deserved to live in peace. He therefore expressed the wish to help members of parliament to be able to transform laws that will make the people of Sierra Leone benefit from peaceful enjoyment of their natural resources in the country and to look after the development of crisis prevention in the country both from a conceptional and a political point of view.


Mr. Spatz however commended the MPs of Sierra Leone for maintaining and sustaining peace in the country considering the way the past election was peacefully conducted in the country. He finally called for the need of a strong relationship within and outside of the parliament for the sake of democracy.

The German MP's sitting along with Sierra Leonean Parliamentarians.

Speaking also one of the delegates from Germany, Kathrin Vogler cited some of their findings in the trip among which she said the Africa Union is dedicated to respond and solve problems in Africa such as the issue of brain drain of educated human resource from the Continent. She called for the need for German and Sierra Leonean MPs “to share experiences among ourselves” adding that we should not only rely on companies that are mining our natural resources because according to her, there will always be a potential source of war in any country where the natural resources are not shared equitably such as was happening in Sudan currently.

Other highlights of the German MPs visit included visits to the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) and the Ross Road Police Barracks in Freetown which was recently refurbished by German Cooperation Agency as well as a visit with Kambia residents.

The Speaker of Parliament Hon. Abel Strong introducing the Delegates to Journalist at Committee Room No.1.

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