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APC Writers Desperate for Sylvia’s Endorsement
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Dec 14, 2010, 17:22

Many people wonder why I rarely react to APC journalists when they write and write and write about me. It is because I am matured enough to understand that half of them, despite the facade, are really desperately seeking my endorsement of what their APC party is doing. For example, if I had endorsed their recent ‘Kalo Kalo’ Cabinet reshuffle, they would have been over the moon! They pretend as if they hate me but in reality, they just want my attentive endorsement.

This attention-seeking can be the only reason why my brother, APC Editor Cornelius Deveaux made up that his yesterday front page article containing an alleged interview with me in which I supposedly told their APC newspaper my views about my maternal grandfather, S.A.J. Pratt supposedly donating expensive Generator Transformers to Regent and Gloucester villages in order to boost APC.

The reality is that I NEVER gave any such interview to the APC newspaper. The interview was made up in order to put me in a funny position. However, poor Deveaux miscalculated  and blundered in the same way he once mistakenly accused me of having been against the Bambay Kamara Inquest.

Firstly, anyone who knows me realises there is no way I could ever sound so sycophantic (lay-bellehism) and secondly, it is not my grandpa but my uncle (also named SAJ Pratt) who is making the donations to our ancestral home villages.

When I called Deveaux yesterday to ask him why he made up an interview with me, he chuckled and said he wanted to ‘make you SLPP paddy dem know say you na APC pikin’ but what he might not know is that my SLPP friends have too much faith in my personal integrity to ever get dismayed with me over anything they read in the APC newspaper.

Deveaux is not the first to make up endorsement of APC by poor Sylvia Blyden. There was that other fella in London hired by Zainab Bangura as her P.R., who once manufcatured an endorsement from Sylvia Blyden for President Koroma at the Third Year Anniversary past September!

Meanwhile, in case readers wonder why APC is always so desperate to get Sylvia Blyden’s endorsement to the extent that they regularly make up articles faking my endorsement therein, the answer is simple. Who will not want to be endorsed by one of the most trusted and independent minded writers in Sierra Leone today? Please do not blame me for sounding so proud of myself...

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